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White Label

Your brand is a reflection of your customer service, and your clients identify with the brand. Insure Platform provides your client the ability to interact with the software branded with the company they trust.

Software as a Service

Insure Platform takes care of all the infrastructure requirements. The platform is hosted on a serverless cloud platform with all the necessary industry standards. We also take care of the backup and disaster recovery.

Accurate Data

Eliminates human error as the data is captured and maintained by the client. Quotes requested from the insurance system is directly sent from the system and can take any form, from email to direct integration depending on the requirement.


Your data is saved and encrypted on a secure popia complaint server. The communication between the server and client is done with end-to-end encryption. The data is ring-fenced and can only be accessed by your instance of Insure Platform.

Capture Assets Once

Allow your clients to capture and store their assets digitally on a multi-platform (App and Web) on their own time. There is no requirement to fill in paperwork or request policy schedules.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get multiple insurance quotes from different insurance companies. Insure platform provides the ability to integrate to multiple insurance companies even with email. We draw the line at carrier pigeons.


A claims dashboard to empower insurance brokers to efficiently manage their clients, claims, mitigate risks, make data-driven decisions, ensure compliance and deliver superior service. Ultimately strengthening client relationships and driving business success.

VIN Lookup

Integrating the VIN lookup function into insurance processes enhances efficiency, accuracy, and risk management, ultimately benefiting both insurers and policyholders. Key benefits of using VIN lookup includes detailed vehicle information and specifications as well as vehicle evaluations.

Ring Fenced

Every broker is provided with their own cloud architecture environment.

Document Management

All the requested documents are electronically stored under the user profile.


Application forms bring paperwork. Doing everything digitally, it eliminates the paperwork and decreases the risk of data getting out. According to the POPI act, clients must be able to request a deletion of their data. The only way to be 100% compliant, go digital. Basically, the Insure Platform software does all of the compliance for you. All the actions between the platform and the client is auditable.

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