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What We Do

The complete software solution

Insure Platform helps Insurance Brokers to achieve data accuracy and compliance. This platform will increase cashflow, decrease the risk of inaccurate data and enable business growth, without additional capital by providing software as a service and a white label client relationship management portal, user mobile and web application.

Problem Statement

Insurance made easy

The Insurance industry is injecting a lot of capital in to Insure Tech. Our brokers are part of this digital transformation without any capital expenditure. This helps their brokerage grow without any additional operational expenditure.

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Why Digital

Data made easy

The data is captured and maintained by the owner of the data, the client. This reduces the risk of inaccurate data captured and decreases the human error factor. Clients can have a broker in their pocket 24/7. All the data is stored on a secure cloud platform with zone redundancy.

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We make it work for you

White Label

Your brand is a reflection of your customer service, and your clients identify with the brand. Insure Platform provides your client the ability to interact with the software branded with the company they trust.

Software as a Service

Insure Platform takes care of all the infrastructure requirements. The platform is hosted on a serverless cloud platform with all the necessary industry standards. We also take care of the backup and disaster recovery methodologies.

Accurate Data

Eliminates human error as the data is captured and maintained by the client. Quotes requested from the insurance system is directly sent from the system and can take any form, from email to direct integration depending on the requirement.


Your data is saved and encrypted on a secure popia complaint server. The communication between the server and client is done with end-to-end encryption. The data is ring-fenced and can only be accessed by your instance of Insure Platform.


What they are saying about Us

Ben Theunissen - Ben Theunissen Brokers

In a constant changing environment, we had to adapt over the years. One of the main challenges was to digitally transform our business. Client’s demand this from you as a broker and Insure Platform gave us the opportunity to evolve our business. The team gave us the support we needed to retain one of our biggest clients, even attending meetings with our client to understand their demands. Without Insure Platform we would have lost the client to another service provider. We impressed our client so much that they have committed indefinitely.

With Insure Platform’s involvement, we have prevented unnecessary costs and the pressure on my staff to keep up with the demands has decreased. I have a happy office with systems in place, provided by Insure Platform, that creates a digitally transformed environment. My office runs like a well-oiled machine.

I am forever grateful for the awesome service and support Insure Platform provided.

Thank you Insure Platform, I will surely recommend your company.

Wynand Olivier - Penta Sure

Exceptional Customization by Insure Platform for Short-Term Insurance.

We recently collaborated with DevRoc to tailor their Insure Platform for use as our short-term insurance company's CRM. DevRoc's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to our project were exceptional, making the entire process a smooth and rewarding experience.

The Insure Platform team, played a pivotal role in the success of the project. They demonstrated keen attention to detail, actively listened to our queries, and promptly implemented any requested changes. Their proactive approach and valuable suggestions ensured the final product seamlessly aligned with our business objectives.

Insure Platform’s streamlined workflow and transparent communication kept us well-informed throughout the customization process. Regular updates and collaborative decision-making ensured that the Insure Platform met our specific business requirements effectively.

Insure Platform has proven to be a transformative asset for our short-term insurance company and significantly enhancing operational efficiency. We highly recommend DevRoc to businesses seeking reliable, tailored IT solutions. Our experience with the team at DevRoc was outstanding, and we look forward to continued collaboration.

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